Nervous Patients

At Holbrook’s Dental Care, we’re concerned that approximately fifty per cent of the population does not visit the dentist and a quarter of those don’t because they feel too anxious. Suffering pain, putting up with a mouth that doesn’t function as it should or a smile that undermines your confidence, is not something we want you to have to contend with.

Our kind and considerate team does everything it can to help patients feel comfortable and at ease, regardless of age. We understand that many people feel anxious or apprehensive about seeing a dentist and we won’t judge. Nervous patients who typically avoid essential examinations only visit when in pain or suffering a dental emergency, but we would like to put you at ease so that eventually, you may even look forward to future appointments with us.

If you suffer with dental anxiety, do give us a call. We have lots of experience of putting patients at ease and we offer dental sedation if required.

Nervous Patients

Sedation Available For Nervous Patients

We offer intravenous sedation or conscious sedation as it is also known, to very nervous patients. One of the main benefits is that you will feel the treatment has only taken a matter of minutes when it may have taken hours. This allows complex dental treatment, which may normally take several visits, to be completed in fewer appointments.

  • We will guide you through the treatment process and always proceed at your pace.
  • You will be supported by a sympathetic dental team with an excellent chairside manner

Please don’t neglect your dental wellbeing because of severe anxiety – speak to us, we can help.

  • Of course! All new patients are welcome to come in and get a feel for the practice before committing to joining or commencing treatment. We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible and be assured that they’ve made the right choice.

  • Our initial New Patient appointments aren’t rushed; giving us the time to get to know you and complete an oral examination at your pace, so we can understand how to help you achieve better dental health.

  • Sometimes all we will do during an initial appointment is talk, with no obligation of having an examination or even sitting in the dental chair! Sometimes, nervous patients may want to look around, find out about our approach and get a general feel of the practice. We don’t want to rush anyone into something they may be uncomfortable with.

What Happens Next?

We invite you to give us a call us on 024 7636 6115, or email us at Let us know you are nervous and a member of our team will gently guide you through the process.

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