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  • Awesome, amazing service. Just been after a few years, needed a new dentist. Could not believe what an amazing dental practice this is. The place looks like something out of a glossy magazine. The receptionist was great and the Dentist just made me feel so relaxed. I needed a bit of treatment and they did it so calmly and I did not feel anything. This place was recommended to me and I cannot thank them enough and so I am doing my bit and telling others. I dont do blogs but I was so amazed, I just thought I had to write about it. I cant believe I am saying this, but I am looking forward to going back. Top dentists, thanks peeps.

  • Professional and fantastic service If you have kids this is the place to go. I took my children to visit Holybrook my youngest was visiting for the first time. You can imagine how scared she was. However, the nurse and dentist were so welcoming, kind and patient with her she didn’t shed a tear. We all had our teeth check and were given advise on how to maintain good hygiene. Something the kids always need reminding of. The front desk were equally helpful. Thank you for making this visit an easy one.

  • Love this Dentist The dentist referred me to a brilliant orthodontist who said I could have braces in the next 3 months! the dentist also gave me a filling on my tooth which is still there now The dentist was really loving and caring. I would definitely refer this dental practice to my friends.

  • Brilliant service I’ve visited this practise for a number of different types of treatment over the years from fillings to having a replacement crown fitted. Every one from the reception staff to the Dentist to the assistant has always been courteous and welcoming. The treatment has always been of a high standard. What I’ve especially appreciated is the information that’s been provided to me on what the problem is and the options available to me to have it resolved. That’s been quite reassuring. Also, I like the fact that the practise, the surgeories are well maintained and modern. Of course, I’d continue to recommend this practice to family and friends.

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